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Meet The Coaches and Discover more about your camp experience!


Sunny Whiting

Vocal Coach

Welcome to team Singer/Songwriter!! I am stoked to coach you in the ways of true vocal artistry and songwriting development. A bit more about me. I am a Utah-based singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. I have written music for the Jordan River Temple Cultural Celebration, soloed in the Debra Bonner Unity Gospel Choir, traveled to LA and Nashville for Hollywood and artist intensives and have performed alongside artists such as Aaliyah Rose, Jenn Blosil, Oba Bonner, Yahosh Bonner and more. I have taught vocal lessons (trained under Debra Bonner) for multiple years, and I have a scholarship in BYU’s Music Program, specifically, Commercial Music (the artist development and audio engineer degree), most competitive degree in BYU’s Music Program. Last year, I wrote a theme album for an organization in the Philippines called Believe International, which sponsors students in the Philippines to gain an education. Last winter, I traveled to the Philippines and performed that album at 16 different performances and school assemblies. I’ve taken this album onto an B98.7 for an interview, and my songs play on FM100.3 Soft Sunday Sounds.

    Now, enough about me, let’s talk about YOU. This team dives into all of the creative ways that YOU as an artist can develop. Throughout the camp week, you will gain the tools/experience necessary to write catchy songs, perform naturally on stage, work as a musical team, practice exercises for vocal improvement, perform in music videos and learn essential social media marketing skills to promote your music. The 12-18 year olds who participate in this team will find that the more they put into the work, the more they will get out of it and will discover what they uniquely have to offer the world with their musical abilities. Again, I CANNOT wait to work with each and every one of you. If you need me, contact me at or call/text me at 801-502-7833. See ya at TFM camp!

  • Sunny



Mental Health Coach

Hannah Whiting

Welcome to the videography team! I am eager to work with you and get to know you! A little bit about me, I do wedding videography/photography as well as music videos, vlogs, documentaries and more. In February, I was invited to travel to the Philippines, to video and put together the theme music video for the organization called BELIEVE International. In 2018, I was the only youth on the videography team for the Jordan River Temple Youth Celebration, traveling around the district to get video footage of youth activities. The end result was shown in the Conference center downtown. I also helped video/create 14+ music videos and 30+ Vlogs for our TORCH family music YouTube Channel (With a growing amount of subscribers at 7.5K). I have also won awards such as "Best Music Video under 18 award" for Utah Music Video Awards, and won first place in my photography section at the Utah State Fair. So, what's this week going to look like? In our team we will use our creative eye to learn about angles, lighting, cameras, and everything it takes to be a good videographer. By the end of the week each kid will get a chance to participate in helping create an outstanding music video that will be premeired at the performance Saturday night. Likewise, throughout the week the kids will get footage of the camp activities to create an exciting documentary of camp experience.They will also get to hear from another proffesional, Nate Terry, who has been in the feild a long time and specializes in music videography. These kids will get a chance to create, inspire, and share their talents and grow new talents as we embark on this experience together. At the Saturday night performance we will also have one group number song that all the kids will get to be in, try out for solos, and perform live for the audience. This will be an exciting week full of adventure and opportunities! If you would like to be part of the videography team please sign up today and prepare for the journey that awaits! Can't wait to see you there! - Team Coach, Hannah :) (With any questions, comments, or concerns, please call or text: 801-953-4503. Or email me at:



Musical Theater/Dance Coach

Chloe Whiting

Hello, and welcome to the Musical Theater track! My name is Chloe Whiting and I will be your coach for this week of adventure and excitement. A little bit about me: I LOVE musical theater and have been performing on stage since I was six. I’ve been in over twelve musicals and have taken on multiple lead roles including Wendy in Peter Pan, Annie in Annie, and Anna in Savior of the World. I’ve also performed in the Nauvoo and British pageants in Nauvoo, IL. I’ve received multiple scholarships from Hale Center Theater acting and singing classes, and have taken an advanced musical theater audition only class. I also take/took Jazz, ballet, contemporary, and tap dancing lessons. Musical Theater is a big part of my life and I am currently preparing to audition for the BYU Music Dance Theater program. I’m super excited to share what I know and love about musical theater with you and experience this together! This track is not ONLY music ONLY dancing or ONLY singing. It is all three mixed together! Throughout the week you will use and improve your acting, singing, AND dancing skills through preparing and performing three fun and upbeat musical theater songs as a group that will test your ability and improve your skills. You will have the opportunity to audition for solos in those songs if you so desire. You will also perform a couple improv skits. As you learn these songs and skits, you won’t only sing and dance, but will learn to tell a story through your facial expressions, movement, and voice. Throughout this week you will learn to audition, work as a team, tell stories and improve your MDT skills! I hope that when you walk away from this camp you will have increased confidence and musical theater skills to inspire your family and those around you. I’m excited to see you there! :D 

Yours Truly,

         Coach Chloe 

Contact info: 

Cellphone number: 801-793-4857



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