Where is it Located?

This camp will take place in eagle mountain, Utah, with a specific address to come after registration.


What will participants receive from this camp?

Each camp attendee will receive:

  • a t-shirt,

  • a colored lanyard for their team,

  • masters classes with professionals,

  • a chance to perform a premiere on the closing night at Experience event center in Provo, UT (https://expeventcenter.com)

  • gain life skills through PLAY THEORY(an improv method of learning life lessons)

  • SPecific to team:

 the Singer/Songwriter track- directed by Sunny Whiting (from the BYU Music Program -Commercial music emphasis)- will provide kids the chance to develop their vocal skills on stage; gain the skills necessary to  leave camp with a catchy, original SOng;  Have the opportunity to record their original song in a recording studio, and perform in a music video.


the videographer track,  Directed by Hannah Whiting will teach the youth videography skills necessary to film jaw-dropping music videos and use professional editing software. The participants of the Singer/Songwriter and Videography tracks will come together to film music videos of original music created at the camp and document the weeks activities through video and will present these videos at the end of the week at the official premiere at the Experience Event Center (https://expeventcenter.com).


The Musical theater performers  will enjoy this camp with Chloe Whiting, in one week,Chloe will  prepare these kids to perform their own musical broadway review by the end of the week at the same premiere.


What should you bring to camp?

  • a water bottle

  • sunscreen

  • snacks if desired

  • sack dinner for the premiere night 

  • Track specific item needs will be sent via email following registration :)


This camp will not disappoint, but will ultimately provide the participants with the ability to perform on stage, act with confidence in their daily lives and ultimately, develop their abilities to unify their loved ones through the talents/skills that they will develop.please sign your child up today on the Register tab on the home page. spaces are limited. Can’t wait to see you there!